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The Chronicles of Lorrek:

Characters Alphabetically

Abbonis – a kingdom in alliance with Nilmandra

Achleth – chieftain of the Nyrako Tribe

Adelric – the Ceyacinial who began interrogating Rilolean when he first came to Ceyacin

Aden – leader of the band of thieves that Vixen was associated with

Adkela – assassin from House Foden, interested in the Sixth House

Adonis – mage, former thief, Sirros' son, Vixen's half-brother, Skelton's half-brother

Adrik – High Protector of Queen Ensula of Ceraleo, Jaegar’s father

Akilah – the Ceyacinial whose ability is to know the answer to any question when asked

Aldashum of Lyedel – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Alddar – lead investigator of the congress attack

Aldotas – The doctor aboard the Forgotten

Alear – in love with Erada, works for Dr. Rodenroth

Aleche – human companion of Therina, married to Draildath

Alefash of Thaldeck – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Alefem of Thaldeck – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Aleina – Queen of Cleforma, former Thymord agent, wife to King Lerdan

Allocators – the leaders of the Five Houses of Assassin who assigns each assassin their kill

Almira Sanscroft – former girlfriend and teammate of Rilolean, who went to Anicoce in search of the rain seeds

Amalan – member of Senthal’s team, who gets Simulo out of Anicoce

Andath – assassin from House Tiavora, Eldrila’s brother

Andorm – assassin from House Tiavora, Eldrila’s oldest brother, heir to House Tiavora

Anelm – Princess of Athorim, twin sister to King Caleth, also known as Therina

Anicoce – the land of the Anicocinas. Anyone with magical abilities will lose their powers as soon as they cross the border

Anicocina – a dark creature from the land of Anicoce from another world, its mere presence has the ability to negate magic

Anita – rogue Guardian of Jechorm, scout, hacker/invisibility

Annetta – the late queen of Nirrorm, wife to Wordan, mother to Mordora and Moren

Aradin – Older brother of Dustal, thief,

Ardd Syadess – Free Worlder who attacked the capitol, hacker code name 'Maverick'

Ardenn – thief, Ceras’ daughter, raised by Mel’Nath

Arelain Creethaw – former teammate of Rilolean, engineering scientist

Armistead – Kalich's right hand man, lieutenant

Asalda – One of the Directors of the Guardian Program of Jechorm

Atheta – Eldest princess of Serhon, daughter of King Roskelem, sister to Haskel and Gremina. Formerly betrothed to Prince Theran but had fallen in love with his cousin, Therth.

Athmorhon – the lost land of magic and technology east of Jechorm

Athorim – southwestern land on the continent of Attilath, home of the kelliphs and the Black City

Atlayess – Anicocina queen

Atlera – the youngest daughter of House Tirithon

Attilath – home of Cuskelom, Jechorm, Nirrorm, Serhon, Talhon, and Athorim

Beridan – a lord of Adanalom who takes command after Taurion dies

Beshan – One of King Vekmen’s sons, a dragon slayer, killed by Seifen

Black Fortune – Rylah's space pirate ship

Boar – Free Worlder who attacked the capitol, weapons master

Bodulf – A magic user from Athorim, cursed to live a life without a solid form because he had angered King Roskelem. He protects the Field of Statues alongside Esdras.

Braxis – a kingdom in alliance to Cleforma, home to the Jealians

Breksta – a Guardian of Jechorm, power: gravity manipulation

Br’raktus – old Anicocina who had interacted with humans long ago

Caelma – planet in the Soplix system with Rynanmor as its moon

Calanon – mage prince of Nadovena, brother of Orthorik and Lainadan, he has a history with Maralla, Mortimos, Aleche, and Draildath

Calder – assassin from House Foden, friend of Sirros

Calesin – chief officer in the Turran prison

Caleth – King of Athorim, twin brother to Anelm

Caletta – daughter of Esdras, sensitive to magic

Caleveryn – Regent of dragons when the Ancient Ones sleep

Caliash – a Thymord Superior

Calla – member of the Forgotten crew, works closely with Delsamas

Cathalia – Kalad’s lost love

Cathel – assassin who helped Sirros steal the Lerkal from Jechorm

Cathnal – Rilolean’s brother who died on Kalucksal

Cedex – Galactic general who came to Heldon

Ceilica – ancient queen of Cleforma, long dead, former Thymord agent, wife to King Wodin. She began the tradition of having members of the royal family join the Thymord Order

Celden – Draildath’s brother, Ecelden’s husband. He died in an early attack of the kelliphs

Celdmos – the super machine that Kossrak created

Celvon – Hathal’s childhood friend who died by the kelliphs

Cephias – Former Thymord Knight who had been charged with protecting House Tirithon, especially Lady Lerisa

Cerad – the island below sea lower that emerged in the drought and is between Nilmandra, Eldersthine, and Cleforma. This is where peace talks are held

Ceraleo – Jaegar's homeland, north of Cuskelom, across the sea

Ceras – assassin from House Perik, interested in the Sixth House, Governor of Jechorm

Cercera – Ceyacinial whose ability is to view past events

Cereck – a Thymord Superior

Cetha – eldest sister of Rhod, formerly betrothed to King Vekmen’s son, now deceased

Ceyacin – a kingdom in alliance with Eldersthine, home to the Ceyacinial—people who possess supernatural powers

Ceyacinial – a person who has lived in the land of Ceyacin long enough to gain an unusual power

Cidanelin – king of Nirrorm during the fall of Athmorhon

Cinonel – Thymord Master in Dragonfel

Clan Tartoran – clan of mages in Ceraleo who specializes in death magic

Clan Yridas – clan of mages in Ceraleo who specializes in enchantment

Cleforma – home to the Thymord base on Orthamas, has access to water

Cliath – Someone Lorrek met after he fell into the Orb of Oblivion

Condemned – prisoners on Turran, guilty of murder, branded on the forehead, and assigned to the Day of Cleansing

Consa – Guardian, ability – blocks magic

Creea – Rilolean’s sister and Estran’s lover

Crephen – a guardian angel or a Deathless One as they call themselves, the common word used to describe the gods of the universe

Crispan Team – the Thymord teams that save populations of worlds

Crothem of Nalghasam – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Crucibles – the broadcasted game in which the surviving Guardian of the Guardian Games must survive an entire day without his specialized armor, and he is being hunted by the most ruthless of killers. No Guardian has yet survived.

Cuskelom  – The land north on the continent of Attilath, home to the handblades, World Orbs, and Porta Cosmica. Honroth is King. Theran, Heldon, and Lorrek are all princes of the land.

Dadithea – Thymord Elder in Dragonfel, Melkel’s younger sister

Dakain – Thymord agent under Kalenth

Damaen – king of Talhon, father of Kinnard and Inecha

Darien – Rilolean’s father

Darkel – assassin from House Tiavora, Eldrila’s brother

Darokin – member of Oversight

Daskinor – a kingdom in alliance to Eldersthine, and it borders Anicoce

Deathless One – a Crephen or a guardian angel

Decipher – hacker code name for Selth Backlin

Dedanro – Thymord Master in Dragonfel

Deginal Feek – Thymord agent with Research and Development who informed the Superiors that Ramsworth may have been compromised

Delorm – assassin from House Perik, interested in the Sixth House

Delrack – Llockin’s failed mission

Delsamas – member of the Forgotten crew, works closely with Calla

Del’tai’iath – Anicocina who wants to help and interact with humans

Desollin stone – food source for the Anicocinas, and amazing resource for armor and weapons for the humans

Doctor Gariss – inventor who created Elf

Dorainen – Queen Eldellen’s eldest brother, Thymord Knight, Queen’s guardian

Dorburth – Superior of the Thymord Order

Draben – Thymord Agent sent to retrieve the World Orbs from Cuskelom, teammate with Reven, also her ex-husband

Draildath – human companion of Therina, married to Aleche

Drakima – a former chieftain of the Nyrako Tribe who had dealings with the kelliphs and dragons

Drathan – assassin from House Ackden, brother to Kilroth and Erita, very involved in the Crucibles of Jechorm

Drathic – a highly advanced humanoid Guardian

Drekilth – one of Queen Eldellen’s advisors

Drikel – king of Serhon, Roskelem’s brother

Drinth – officer who escorted Reven and Draben to the body of the kelliph

Dustal – thief, brother to Aradin

Ecelden – friend of Aleche, wife to Celden. She died with her husband in an early attack of the kelliphs

Eldahon of Turran – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Eldak  – Roskelem’s cousin who had challenged him, so Roskelem turned him into stone in his court.

Eldellen – Queen of Colidessa

Eldersthine – the only land other than Cleforma with access to water, and it is experimenting with ways to create rain

Eldrila – formerly a sorceress assassin of House Tiavora of the Five Houses, was Lorrek's lover, now currently possesses the Black Stone of Lorrek's space ship

ELF – Energy Life Form, a mixture of electricity and data that has a unique personality

Elita Cryford – former teammate of Rilolean, former lover of Cathnal

Elloi – original name was Kellirothen, home of the kelliph

Elmiden – a Ceyacinial whose ability is to track people and see through walls

Elona – Zaon’s mother and the female human Rodkinthereldiss had loved

Elvorith – a kingdom in alliance to Cleforma

Emerirok – a dragon who married Glastila

Endleath  – The world where Lorrek put Atheta, where Sindric had banished Theran for his recklessness. It is a moderately advanced world with cars and such.

Ensula – Jaegar's mother and Queen of Ceraleo

Enthcos – kelliph who attacked the capitol

Erada – daughter to Dr. Rodenroth, in love with Alear

Erita – sorceress, former assassin of House Ackden, Mage of Cuskelom, wife to King Heldon of Cuskelom

Esden – assassin from House Ackden, participated in space strike

Esdras – Guardian of the statues in the Field of Statues. His wife is one of the statues.

Estran – Thymord agent who remained on Orthamas, Rilolean’s childhood friend, Creea’s lover

Eternal Deity – the creator of all the universe

Ethmorhal – female human that Rodkinthereldiss rescued from a kelliph

Falkein – Thymord Superior

Falmdar Procedure – Superiors have deemed the inhabitants of the world hostile or dangerous to the rest of the universe, and they engineer ways to kill off the population without ever setting foot on the planet

Farse – Thymord Elder in Dragonfel

Fawn – adopted daughter of Verddra, she was in the coma for a long time and has been mentally unstable

Felgan Team – the Thymord teams that infiltrate powerful people in the worlds and influence them to make certain, important changes for the betterment of the world

Felhelm – Thymord agent, used to be the team leader of Draben, Reven, and Jethcal

Fenseacal – dragon, friend of Emerirok’s, who took Emerirok to meet with Rodkinthereldiss during the battle

Finaloth – undercover agent of Talhon, stationed in Cuskelom

Firoth – chancellor of Athmorhon

Folthan – pilot of the Forgotten

Gaetana – queen of Jechorm

Gahanea – Stranger Lands

Gainious – Thymord Superior

Galactic Forces – Army of the Galactic Order

Galactic Order – Ruling body of the galaxy at large

Galdillor – Miradan’s ex-boyfriend

Galvin – reporter in Jechorm, covering the ‘Guardian Games’

Garenthi the Great – great-great grandfather of Lorrek and his brothers

Garroda – member of the Forgotten crew

Garthron – Lorrek's grandfather

Gershom – magic user in Cuskelom, brother to Esdras, protector of Esdras’ daughter, Caletta

Ghander – Arch Prelate of Tenillith

Gharoth – assassin from House Perik, participated in space strike

Githas – a kingdom in alliance to Cleforma

Githolean – Queen Eldellen’s chief commander

Glastila – Emerirok's husband and the Crephen of Time and Space known as Glastillenth, she helped trap Rykeldan in the bracelet

Glastillenth – the Crephen of Time and Space, goes by Glastila

Gread – member of Leya’s team to retrieve the rain seeds

Gremina – Princess of Serhon, youngest daughter of Roskelem, sister to Atheta and Haskel

Grima – Galactic officer

Guardian Games – the gladiator-like games where rogue Guardians of Jechorm are pitted against each other and forced to fight until a single Guardian remains. They fight for the chance to be classified as human. After the Guardian Games, the Crucibles begin

Hadrian – Count of Ditheran, Verddra’s husband

Haelm the Honorable – great grandfather of Lorrek and his brother

Haiken – Guardian of Jechorm, ability is shielding

Handblades  – unique black bracelet that transforms from bracelet into a gauntlet when its wearer is in danger. A black, polished blade emerges from the top of it. This blade has the ability to absorb things. The handblade also has the ability for short-range teleportation and works in harmony with the World Orbs. These are only found in Cuskelom, worn by members of the royal family.

Haniel – member of Leya’s team to retrieve the rain seeds

Haskel – Prince of Serhon, only son of Roskelem, brother to Atheta and Gremina

Hathal – blacksmith from Adanalom, last survivor of the land, sent by the king to warn the other lands of the kelliph army’s approach

Hatik – assassin from House Foden, interested in the Sixth House

Heber – one of the people on Endleath who Lorrek implanted memories of knowing Atheta, and he helped rescued her

Hedamith – dragon, friend of Emerirok, wife to Wardamroth

Heldon – king of Cuskelom, was the twin brother to Honroth, is brother to Theran and Lorrek, married to Erita

Hellbound – a Forgotten ship

Hidegoloth – allocator from House Ackden

Honroth – Lorrek's brother, late king of Cuskelom, Heldon's twin

House Rodden – the strongest of the Five Houses of Assassins, Vixen's House

Hunters – people who hunt the Condemned on the Day of Cleansing

Hunters – thieves and assassins who participate in the Crucibles of Jechorm to hunt down the survivor of the Guardian Games

Hyperstream – How space travel is possible

Ild’scar – Anicocina who wants to let the humans die

Imdra – assassin from House Rodden, participated in space strike

Inecha – sorceress, exiled princess of Talhon, sister to Kinnard and half-sister to Fawn/Radella, currently an advisor to King Honroth of Cuskelom

Initiator – hacker code name for Kossrak

Isentha – wife to Torroth, aunt to Theran, Honroth, Heldon, and Lorrek, mother to Loroth and Therth

Jacina – Thymord Superior

Jadkon – guardian of Mordora, originally from the faraway land of Aquila

Jaegar – a mage, son of Adrik and Ensula, Prince of Ceraleo, Vixen's traveling companion

Jakton – Talhon's underground, highly advanced city

Jamswell Chraser – Free Worlder who attacked the capitol, the tactical analyst, coordinated the attack, rank: lieutenant

Jarovit – rogue Guardian of Jechorm, weapons’ specialist/pain

Jathcon – gravity well of the planet was disrupted by the Thymords

Javelin – Galactic ship, targeted Jechorm

Jechorm  – The land northeast on the continent of Attilath, home of highly advanced technology and the Guardian Program.

Jetalia – Sorceress of Colidessa, Eldellen’s best friend, is secretly in love with Rakran

Jethcal – Thymord agent, used to be on the same team as Draben and Reven

Jevolin – Thymord agent who works with Gremina

Jisterhal – Thymord General who switches sides

Joktan – a Talhon secret

Jophith – thief of Sidra’s, installed in the royal palace of Serhon as a spy for her

Jormarith – Almira’s boyfriend at the end of the book

Kalad – assassin of House Tiavora, brother of Eldrila, conspired with Verddra and others to create a Sixth Assassin House

Kaladon – a kingdom in alliance to Eldersthine

Kalban family – the family that had been gifted with the rain seeds and were in charge of planting the rain seeds for it to rain on the planet. The family has been wiped out due to greed of the world, and this brought drought to Orthamas

Kalenth – commander of the Thymord ship, the Paladin

Kalich – general of the Free World's army, commander of The Forgotten, Katerina's father

Kalil – Rilolean’s mother

Kalther – the patron of dreams and reality

Kandorith – Thymord Elder in Dragonfel

Kanuthur – of the High Cathedral for the Fane of Tenillith

Kaphin – member of Leya’s team to retrieve the rain seeds

Katerina – former Free World's representative, daughter of Kalich

Kedessa – thief, former lover of Dustal but holds a grudge against him since he disappeared for years immediately after proposing to her

Kelacksul – the world that Rilolean’s team had been sent to save the population, but the Gateway malfunctioned, and Cathnal died on the planet when it was hit by an asteroid

Kelliph – magical near-immortal race, who lived in the land of Kellirothen (now named Elloi). With the passing of each new year, they gained an extra life

Kelliphs – extremely powerful magic users with multiple lives

Kellirothen – now known as Elloi, the land of the kelliphs

Kelm – another planet that had been attacked, ten died and twelve wounded

Kenalia – Thymord Knight, Dorainen’s lover

Kestinia – former queen of Talhon who taught Jechorm their place

Kilroth – member of Aden’s band of thieves, which was associated with Vixen, preferred weapon: bo-staff, brother to Elita and Drathan

Kinn – Thymord agent, Draben's friend

Kinnard – prince of Talhon, brother to Inecha, half-brother to Fawn/Radella

Kithena – Rykeldan’s lover, also known Verddra, mother of Meldiron

Kodeva – planet sentenced to the Thelda Protocol

Komoren – a member of the Nyrako Tribe who accompanied the others to Drakkënden

Korhal – former teammate of Rilolean, crippled during the explosion of the Gateway, brother to Ryentha

Korhoth – a kingdom in alliance with Nilmandra

Kossrak – former member of Kalich's crew, built the System for the Thymord Order and was betrayed by the Order, hacker code name: the Initiator, the creator of the System

Kothlehen – a member of the Elite Guard in Kellirothen who takes charge when Perenden has been compromised

Kyra – humanoid of the Syheaf edition in Jechorm. She mistakes Theran as Therth when he arrives in Jechorm

Ladron – man who guarded Nyvera in Serhon

Lady Foden – head of House Foden

Lady Tiavora – head of House Tiavora

Laihoth – Chief Achleth’s right-hand man in the Nyrako Tribe

Lailorea – sister to Jaegar, daughter to Adrik and Ensula

Lainadan – mage princess of Nadovena, sister to Calanon and Orthorik

Laralanea – home of Gard, Hildraith, Teldvale, Vankithur, and Ceraleo

Legends – Galactic ship, targeted Talhon

Lerdan – king of Cleforma, former Thymord agent, husband to Queen Aleina

Lerdinial – planet where Armistead was being held

Lerisa – late daughter of House Tirithon, Cephias’ former charge

Lerkal – a lethal virus developed in Athmorhon, combining magic and technology, magical virus that had infected Eldrila

Leviathan – a Galactic ship

Leya – Thymord agent whose team was sent to find the rain seeds

Likron – one of Thirack’s chief captains who took control of the army after Thirack was captured

Llockin – Thymord agent, son to Superior Moskelin

Lluia – sorceress originally from Athmorhon, mistress to Veedimok

Locket – agent of Kalich's, hacker

Lord Ackden – head of House Ackden

Lord Kanorth – a magic user in Cuskelom who wants there to be a magic school in Cuskelom

Lord Perik – head of House Perik

Lorelmis – Ardd Syadess' home world

Lorentha – queen of Cuskelom, wife of Sindric, mother of Theran, Honroth, Heldon, and Lorrek

Loroth – Brother to Therth, cousin to Theran, Honroth, Heldon, and Lorrek, identical to Lorrek, late husband to Vixen

Loroth – Lorrek's identical cousin, Vixen's late husband, brother to Therth

Lyrillind – wife to King Caleth of Athorim, she is a kelliph stripped of her magic

Lyston – member of Aden’s band of thieves, which was associated with Vixen, preferred weapon: archery, also good at hacking

Maralia – human companion of Therina, young sorceress, her guardian is Moritmos

Mark of Death – the brand received on the forehead of the Condemned

Maverick – code name of the hacker for Ardd Syadess

Meka – reporter in Jechorm, covering the ‘Guardian Games’

Meldiron – kelliph, son of Rykeldan and Kithena

Meleka – Ross' wife, Thymord agent, Draben's friend

Melkel – Thymord Master in Dragonfel, Dadithea’s older brother

Mel’Nath – thief, good friend of Ceras, father figure for Ardenn

Meralean – allocator from House Foden

Miradan – full name Miradan Tinelma Breyma, Rilolean’s assistant and love interest

Mitron – Guardian who fought Theran when he got his armor from Asalda and Pelham

Mordora – Princess of Nirrorm, older sister to Prince Moren, daughter of King Wordan and Queen Annetta.

Moren – sorcerer, king of Nirrorm although his sister is older

Moritmos – human companion of Therina, Thymord Knight, guardian of Maralia

Morok – assassin from House Tiavora, Eldrila’s brother

Morroka – allocator from House Tiavora, wife to Radrak, mother to Eldrila, sorceress, her visions always come true, but she has a blind spot regarding Eldrila

Moskelin – Thymord Superior, also Llockin’s father

Ms. Saden – a magic user who worked with Dr. Rodenroth, trying to find a way to access the pocket dimension of another person

Nathiira – Adrik and Ensula's eldest daughter, Crowned Princess of Ceraleo, Jaegar's oldest sister

Nedra – homeworld of the Thymord Order

Nelvea – the planet where Kalich sent Katerina & Rathelm

Nethron – one of Queen Eldellen’s advisors

Nilmandra – original seat of power for the world of Orthamas, is the cause for the drought of the world

Nirrorm  – The land northwest on the continent of Attilath. Wordan is king. Mordora and Moren are princess and prince of the land.

Nistorea – allocator from House Rodden

Noden – a Guardian of Jechorm

Nyvera – assassin of House Rodden, wife to Sirros, Vixen’s mother

Odyna – the Crephen of Mercy and Justice

Olddan – Law enforcer on the planet Nedra, also Miradan’s father

Orb Worlds  – Glass orbs that, when touched by the gauntleted form of a handblade, teleports the person to the world the orb represents. These are only found in the Porta Cosmica of Cuskelom.

Orlora – the Dragon Queen, wife to Zaon

Orthamas – a unique world where rain is not natural but must be planted by rain seeds

Orthorik – eldest mage prince and rightful heir of Nadovena, brother of Calanon and Lainadan

Os’rak – Anicocina who wants to enslave humans

Oversight – formerly known as the Nyrako Tribe, the Superiors of the Thymord are answerable to them


Paladin – Vagodlith's ship

Pardava – assassin from House Ackden, participated in Kanuthur attack

Pelham – One of the Directors of the Guardian Programs in Jechorm

Pelkin – a Guardian of Jechorm, powers:flexibility, super-strength, endurance

Perenden – Therina’s twin brother

Phena Strategy – takes only a small handful of people from a world to relocate them but lets the rest die

Podken – assassin from House Perik, participated in Kanuthur attack

Porta Cosmica  – a chamber deep beneath the castle of Cuskelom. It houses the World Orbs.

Pravin – thief, Kedessa’s brother, hates Dustal only because his sister does

Priam – rogue Guardian of Jechorm, strategist/senses

Protocol Blackout – Celdmos' protocol to erase files from his system

Radella – sorceress, friend of Lorrek, the adopted daughter of Countess Verddra

Radim – thief, wife to Tradek

Radithen – home to Elddon, Aquila, etc

Radlere – assassin from House Foden, interested in the Sixth House

Radoran of Sincal – the congressman Kossrak was accused of murdering

Radorm of Syrd – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Radrak – Lord of House Tivaora, Eldrila’s father

Rakessat – the machine fused with magic and technology in Jechorm

Rakran – Queen Eldellen’s third oldest brother, Thymord Knight, Queen’s guardian, secretly loves Jetalia

Ramsworth – former name of the Thymord super system, now named Celdmos

Ranessa of Sheranem – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Raskel – a kingdom in alliance with Cleforma, they have unusual magic there

Rathelm – captain of the Galactic Forces, friend of Armistead, works closely with Katerina

Raycord – Zizka's old opponent

Retribution – a Forgotten ship

Reven – Thymord agent, sent to retrieved the World Orbs from Cuskelom, teammate with Draben also his ex-wife

Rhod – Oldest son of Count Felgon of House Tirithon in Lerolia a county of the kingdom of Elenith, has been seeking of his sister, Atlera, older brother to Lerisa currently been recruited by Kithena to find Meldiron

Rickar – Atheta’s husband, victim of the attack on Siladion and Atheta's husband

Rilixith – assassin from House Foden, participated in Kanuthur attack

Rilkin Korlen – Thymord agent, captain of Fallcry—the Thymord ship that clashed with Eldrila

Rilolean Warthon – former Thymord agent who is determined to find out what really happened to his brother and wants to bring rain to his homeworld of Orthamas

Ristan – Galactic commander

Rodirem – director of Talhon's space colony

Rodkinthereldiss – Ancient Dragon, King of Dragons, father of Zaon

Ronomith – the kelliph that Dorainen, Kenalia, and Jetalia captured, which Glastila used to test the bracelet on

Roskelem – brother of King Drikel, abruptly inherited the throne when his brother died, father of Atheta, Haskel, and Gremina, married to Sidra

Ross – Draben's friend on Nedra, guard at the Thymord Order

Rothurne – assassin from House Perik, interested in the Sixth House

Rowonal – allocator from House Perik

Rusk Dantrak – Free Worlder who attacked the capitol, explosive expert, rank: Major

Ryath – assassin from House Foden, interested in the Sixth House

Ryentha – Korhal’s sister, chief scientist for the Research and Development branch of the Thymord Order

Rykeldan – ancient kelliph king, soulbound to Therina, former lover to Kithena, imprisoned in a magical bracelet but freed by Mordora. All he wants is to be with Therina

Rykol – member of Oversight who came when Arelain contacted Oversight

Rylah – space pirate queen, Vixen's aunt, and Sirros' sister

Rynanmor – moon of the planet Calema in the Soplix solar system, Sandtra directed Katerina there for her investigation

Sandtra – one of the girls who had been sold into slavery but escaped

Sanradinroth – the dragon Orlora charged with protecting the rain seeds

Sariclath – Nyvera's target in Kanuthur during the attack

Secalm – an old mage of Colidessa who fought alongside Vindel

Seifen – Rhod’s younger brother, friend of dragons, killed Vekmen’s son, Beshan, and sparked the war that would slaughter Seifen’s entire family

Selth Backlin – former hacker who Rylah sent Vixen and Jaegar to interrogate about the System

Senifa of Asiea – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Senthal – Thymord Agent whose team was sent to retrieve Simulo from the Anicocinas

Serhon  – The land south on the continent of Attilath. Roskelem is king. The Field of Statues are in Serhon. Many of the assassins and thieves call Serhon home.

Serkim – the pirate that captured Vixen and Jaegar and handed them over to Rylah

Sernroth – home of the Five Houses of Assassins

Severtron – one of the Dragaidens

Sidra – Queen of the Thieves, queen mother of Serhon, estranged wife of Roskelem, mother of Gremina, Haskel, and Atheta.

Simulo – a Jealian who lives in Anicoce. He can understand any language spoken to him, but he suffers from the curse of the Jealian who are only supposed to live to age twenty. Anicoce negates that but with consequences.

Sindric – late king of Cuskelom, father of Theran, Honroth, Heldon, and Lorrek, powerful sorcerer

Siphoner – law enforcers for the Fane of Tenillith

Sirros – Lord of House Rodden, married to Nyvera, father of Vixen

Skelina – assassin from House Perik, interested in the Sixth House

Skelton – sorcerer thief, brother to Adonis, obsession with Athorim and pure magic users, particularly interested in Mordora

Sovereign – code name for the chief member of Oversight

Stanla – reporter on scene of the attack on the congress of Siladion

Stelica – the matron of pleasure and pain

Strakel – Commoner from Nilmandra who had to watch his family die from the drought, and he decided to take matters into his own hands and seized all the world leaders on Cerad

Sudimox – another planet that had been attacked, six killed while dozens were injured

Suldan – Lord of House Fragoth, formerly betrothed to Lesia

Sulhen – Chancellor of Nilmandra, involved in the negotiations on Cerad

Synalavin – home to the High Cathedral

Talaros – world where Glastila's shop is

Taldaris – Adrik and Ensula's former guardian

Taldyn – Lord of Eldersthine, involved in the negotiations on Cerad

Talgoth – Lorrek's homeworld

Talhon  – The land southeast on the continent of Attilath, This is where Inecha was originally from. It is a land of mystery and neutrality, secretly possesses advanced tech

Talion – Queen Eldellen’s fourth oldest brother, Thymord Knight, Queen’s guardian

Talkith – Ceralian general

Talleah – Kalich's homeworld

Tasck – captured Galactic Lieutenant who switches sides

Taurion – King of Adanalom

Tausrak – former Thymord undertaker, apprehended Draben

Tenillith – the Crephen of Life and Death

Terrath Program – an endangered world unfit to save, so they let whatever natural disaster occur that would destroy it

Teskan – assassin from House Tiavora, participated in Kanuthur attack

The Cleansing – a single day on Turran where citizens of the world are allowed to kill anyone who bears the Mark of Death

The Forgotten – Kalich's ship

The Genesis – a Thymord space craft where many Thymord agents live off the planet Nedra

The Sovereign – Absolute head of the Thymord Order

The Vigilant – a Forgotten ship

Thegan – Thymord Knight, mentioned only once when sparring Kenalia

Thelda Protocol – involves the Phena Strategy, Falmdar Procedure, and the Terrath Program

Theran – Eldest son of King Sindric and Queen Lorentha, oldest brother to Honroth, Heldon, and Lorrek, rightful heir to the throne of Cuskelom

Therick – Atheta and Therth's son

Therina – seventh generation of the House Eruadan, youngest daughter of Kelliph Lord Lathron, prophesied to be the soulbound of Rykeldan

Therth – brother to Loroth, identical cousin to Theran, secretly loves Atheta

Thirack – commander of Rykeldan’s armies

Thoridan – assassin from House Tiavora, participated in space strike

Thymords – an intergalactic organization whose priority is protecting the worlds

Tobias – member of the band of thieves that Vixen used to be associated with

Torim – worked with Dr. Rodenroth, died trying to access the pocket dimension of Ms. Saden

Torroth – Sindric’s twin brother, married to Isentha, father of Therth and Loroth

Tradek – mage of Cuskelom, married to Radim

Tradon – the drug addict on Turran who had unwittingly helped Kossrak get weapons

Traith – a teenager who killed a bully and was condemned on Turran, but Kossrak protected him

Turdorn System – the solar system where the planet Turran resides

Turelm of Zesoz – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Turran – a world powered by steam, their main attraction is their intolerance to killing which results in the Day of Cleansing

Undertaker – the personal assassins of the Thymord Order

Uthrea – a Thymord Superior

Vagabond – a Forgotten ship

Vagodin – the avatar of the Crephen Vagodlith

Vagodlith – the patron of war and peace

Vasuth – Thymord Elder in Dragonfel

Vaundhara – a kingdom in alliance with Cleforma

Veedimok – chancellor of Jechorm long ago. At his command, Jechorm overthrew Athmorhon

Vekmen – King of Serethiel, dragon slayer

Vellisha – unique mage with the ability to place magical tattoos on others

Verard of Kintor – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Verddra – kelliph, Radella's adopted mother, Lorrek's former tutor

Vesalda – the solar system where Rylah met Vixen and Jaegar

Vickilath – Keeper of the Thymord Archives in Mountain Hold

Vindel – Queen Eldellen’s second oldest brother, Thymord Knight, Queen’s guardian

Virdoran – a member of Oversight

Vixen – assassin from House Rodden, daughter of Sirros and Nyvera, formerly married to Loroth

Vorroth – Thymord Agent in charge of the System

Wardamroth – dragon, friend of Emerirok, husband to Hedamith

Wardkol – the Thymord Undertaker sent to retrieve Miradan, learn what exactly she knows, and finish her

Warik – one of Veedimok’s lieutenants who leads the attack on Athmorhon

Wodin – ancient king of Cleforma, long dead, former Thymord agent, husband to Queen Ceilica

Wol’van – thief, trained Vixen in knives long ago

Wordan – king of Nirrorm, husband to Annetta, father to Mordora and Moren. He suffers from sensitivity to magic.

Wor’mos – Ancicoina who was kind to Simulo

Xandreath – man who guarded Nyvera in Serhon

Xirena of Tasom – victim in the Siladian congress attack

Yenikina – planet where Lorrek attacked a Fane of Vagodlith

Yenthik – captured Thymord agent who Orlora spoke to

Zaklurd – a king from a southern land who had come up against Roskelem and humiliated him

Zaon – son of Rodkinthereldiss, husband to Orlora

Zeldon – Katerina's bodyguard

Zeltask – headmaster of the Thymord castle in Cleforma

Zethar Kalban – the Kalban that took the rain seeds to Anicoce with Simulo

Zethus – chief of security in Jechorm

Zhirak – constable of Cuskelom

Zilechan – Thymord Master in Dragonfel

Zimithon – kelliph general, sent by Rykeldan to retrieve Zaon and led the attacks on the dragons

Zizka – former general of the Free Worlds' armies

Zoyra – former Guardian of Jechorm, ability – unlocking

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