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By: Megan Hay

This story takes place between 'Someday I'll Be Redeemed' and 'I Still Have a Soul' when Lorrek is unconscious in Serhon after the procedure with his memories.


Anstra had heard the rumors long before she had actually seen him, and the stories of how handsome he was…well, they were a understatement.

She swallowed hard, glancing quickly at the door, before looking back at him, unable to keep from examining his strong jaw. She wasn’t supposed to be here, apparently he was a ‘highly dangerous criminal’…or something. However, her curiosity had won out after hearing more stories and rumors than she could properly recall and when she got her chance, she slipped into the room.

She didn’t have any idea who he was, she was just a healer’s apprentice, barely pass fifteen, but he wasn’t at all what she imagined him to be. However, that was a rather large relief, she figured.  She hadn’t been really excited about the thought of horns and darkness and just generally disgusting stuff.

Biting her lip, Anstra gave him another look over, trying to memorize as much of him as she could so she was able to tell her friends about him. She probably wouldn’t have enough courage to come back here; she hated imaging what kind of trouble she would face if her mentor caught her in the area she had been warned about on at least three different times. She really didn’t want to acknowledge any of the other times.

Shaking her head, clearing her mind of those thoughts, Anstra stared down at the stranger’s hands. That was…odd…but still better than horns, she reasoned, looking back at his face. Besides, he was very handsome and that won over the oddities about him. Wondering again who he was, Anstra took one last look at him, then turned. She really did need to leave. She didn’t want to get caught. Besides, if she hurried, she would be able to tell the girls about this. She knew they would love it.

Throwing one last look over her shoulder at the dark-haired stranger, Anstra hurried to the door, and then quietly slipped out the room, expression bright. Maybe one day she would be able to know his true story. However, until then, she would have to be satisfied with this adventure.

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