By Daryl J Ball on June 23, 2017

This is the third book in the ongoing Chronicles of Lorrek series.  

After the way in which the previous book in the series ended, it was going to be interesting to see how the author continued those threads and used them to further the individual story arcs of the cast while having it feel genuine. They not only succeeded but took it as an opportunity to delve deep into the mythology and history of the world the series takes place in. The first thing to adjust to is that there is a one year time skip between the end of Book 2 and the start of this one.  As such we also get a chance to look in on the extended cast and see how much has changed in that time. How are things different now, what fresh conflicts have arisen, what story so going to once more weave their lives together in a more central fashion than simply being family.

This is where the dive into the world’s history and mythology come into play. A much older threat has been lurking in the background slowly affecting a principal cast member which leads to ways being explored of how to beat this older enemy. Things aren’t always as they seem though and alliances will be made and changed a few times with more than one shocking death and some very heavy revelations made that will impact many lives.

The exploration of the past to combat a foe in the present allows for a greater exploration as well of a world that beautifully straddles the line between the advanced technology elements of science fiction with the kingdoms and magic that permeate the fantasy genre.

Moreso than the story itself, what is very compelling is how much the author has seemingly grown in skill between Book 2 and now. There is a greater flow to the words, and subtle changes in how the characters behave and speak that make them feel more real and complex.  What really caught me off guard in this case was how we also got an idea of each characters sense of humour and how genuine and fitting it seemed for each.  This was a beautiful follow up to the previous books in the series and as with the previous two books, the exploration of the bonds of families and relationships is very central to the theme.

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By Lora on June 24, 2017

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

It's been a year since the battle at the end of I Still Have A Soul but Kelly wastes no time in pulling us right back into the world she created. Heldon is now ruling Cuskelom with Erita at his side, Theran is still stuck in his armor, and Lorrek is....well he is being Lorrek and acting like everything still rests on his shoulders.

New visitors, representatives from the thymords, arrive in Cukselom and demand back the World Orbs and handblades back. Instead, Heldon sends them to Lorrek and after Mordora who has come into contact with a strange bracelet housing an entity called Rykeldon. As we delve into the battle to find them, the world around us expands to include so much more than imagined in even the first book. And Kelly melds this all together perfectly, in a way that isn't overwhelming.

This book is filled with the same type of imagery and exceptional worldbuilding that we have become accustomed to in Kelly’s books. She bridged the gap from the first to second installments and continues on spectacularly and seamlessly in the third. I’m Still Alive will leave you turning the pages wanting to know more. New worlds, new races (dragons anyone?), and even a subtle underhand mention of something called “Joktan” in the neutral nation of Talhon. The Chronicles of Lorrek are (as I’ve said before), a spark of classic fantasy novels for the modern era. Like ISHAS though, don’t forget some tissues. You just might need them.

By Jessica on June 27, 2017

Book Three in the Chronicles of Lorrek series had a tough act to follow, and managed to gleefully surpass the previous two books of the series. There is a masterful blend of surprise, action, and lore that is both captivating and holds up to its promises of great things to come. The universe this is set in is continually developing and it is wonderful to see the characters continue to grow as things are changing around them.

There are many great things that could be said about the book. From chapter to chapter you want to know what comes next, you need to know more, and finally those last few sections when things are reaching towards a conclusion… There is not a more perfect ending for this book. This series has easily made my top three, which had been unchanged for several years. I am highly looking forward to book four.

By Nancy Sampson-Bach on June 29, 2017

The third installment of The Chronicles of Lorrek was a great ride! In book three, we delve ever more deeply into the mire of troubles that plague Prince Lorrek of Cuskelom and his family and friends. The story is full of characters you will both love and despise, so there's no way not to find yourself deeply involved. No spoilers here, but there are twists and turns that not only surprised me, but also had me shouting at the characters, and even sniffling into my tissue. A great follow-up to the previous two books in the series, Ms. Blanchard does not disappoint with book #3. But given the complex plot and the large cast of characters, definitely read the first two before tucking into this one!

By LeslieLuvzBooks on July 10, 2017

Three books in, and this series CONTINUES to astonish me! After the intense emotional roller coaster of the last one... I suppose I should have been expecting more... but I was not prepared for how much more Blanchard was ready to deliver!

If you've made it this far in the series, get ready to see more of the different kingdoms, learn more of the ancient legacy, and discover a slew of new, deadlier conflicts to face! More of everything: more giggles at Vixen's sassy quips, more gut-wrenching anxiety at the effortless power of a mysterious new villain, more sympathy as Lorrek expends more and more of himself to try and keep all his friends (and family... not to mention the whole freaking world!) from falling apart at the seams, more heart-stopping clashes between enemies, more lush, thrilling scenery as the characters actually travel to locations that before had only been mentioned in reference, more jaw-dropping reveals as characters you thought you knew turn out to have VERY intriguing secrets!

I love it. The development felt very well-thought (well, except for one thing... I still can't figure out why [SPOILER] had to happen, though the narrative explains it well enough, but MY WORD!!!) and totally irresistible, and the expansions weren't just "adding for addition's sake", but each new concept served a very real purpose in the plot and character arcs. I loved the number of times the title came into play, (not going to delineate, because SPOILERS, but yeah!) creating a consistent theme throughout the book.

I am continuously fascinated by the new developments and the world-building exercised in this series, and I positively cannot wait for the next book! If you're looking for an excellent mashup of science fiction and fantasy, of magic used in tandem with technology in a plausible manner, of characters that leap off the page in real color and inspire real emotions, and expertly-drawn, action-packed scenes that will take your breath away--you do not want to miss a single word of the Chronicles of Lorrek!