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The Chronicles of Lorrek:


While there are many more kingdoms on the world of Telgothea, the series primarily focuses on the six kingdoms on the continent of Iselma which include Nirrorm, Cuskelom, Jechorm, Athorim, Serhon, and Talhon. 

Sometimes mentioned are the kingdoms of Aquila, Leskelmor, and Elddon, which are part of the continent of Serrandan, beyond the ocean, west of Iselma. And then there is the kingdom Ceraleo, north of Iselma across the Cold Sea on the continent, Latherelm. There are other kingdoms on Latherelm, but Ceraleo is the only one mentioned so far in the Chronicles of Lorrek.

Below is listed more information on the six kingdoms of Iselma.

Athorim – A-thor-rim

Unique Attribute: Pure Magic and the Black Stone

Royal Family: King Caleth, Queen Lyrillind, Princess Anelm

Allies: Strongest Ally – Cuskelom

Economic Value: Higher education, access to knowledge of the ages

Standing Army: No standing army, but every abled-body male has been trained and is ready for the call to war.

View on Magic: Magic is widely accepted, but Athorians primarily use Pure Magic as opposed to Tainted Magic.

Family Life:

All children are given equal educational opportunity regardless of their rank.

All natural-born citizens of the kingdom have magical abilities

They use glamour spells to maintain an ageless appearance

Outsiders’ View: A place known as a Safe Haven.

Cuskelom – Cusk-kel-om

Unique Attribute: World Orbs and Handblades

Royal Family: King Honroth, Prince Theran, Prince Heldon, Prince Lorrek, Queen Mother Lorentha

Allies: Athorim, Nirrorm

Economic Value: Seas ports, wheat harvest, and other grains & herbs

Standing Army: A fair-sized standing army of knights that alternate with one another, taking turns keeping watch, training, and resting. They can all be summoned to form an impressive army.

View on Magic: Favorable although there are more non-magic users than magic users.

Family Life:

Children born with magical abilities are either taught by members of their family or by a mentor.

Mentors can only take one or two apprentices at a time, approved by the king.

At thirteen, every able-bodied male begins training with various weapons. Training is complete at age twenty, and they may decide either to continue as a knight or another career.

Outsiders’ View: While Athorim is the Safe Haven of the five kingdoms, Cuskelom is the moderator and tries to maintain the peace.

Jechorm – Jech-cor-m

Unique Attribute: High technology

Royal Family: No actual royal family, but the leader is elected

Allies: No standing alliance with neighboring kingdoms

Economic Value: Technology

Standing Army: Massive army of droids, drones, robots, and highly trained professionals

View on Magic: Magic is disregarded since technology is so advanced.

Family Life:

Each family is independent.

Children are often placed into the central schooling system, and parents pursue their own careers

Some families may reject the central schooling system and stay united, but these are few and have little impact on the whole.

Outsiders’ View: Fast-paced, technology-addicted society

Nirrorim – Nir-ro-rim

Unique Attribute: Arts, craft, and dance

Royal Family: King Wordan, Queen Annetta, Princess Mordora, Prince Moren

Allies: Cuskelom

Economic Value: Ice, wood, fur, wild game, crystal clean water

Standing Army: While every male is trained in the art of war, only a small handful keep watch on the borders and guard the royal family.

View on Magic: On the command of King Wordan, magic is forbidden in Nirrorm.

Family Life:

Nobles have greater advantages and higher education. They rarely marry to a lower class.

Commoners rarely rise above their station. They are homeschooled and taught the trade of their family.

Outsiders’ View: Though much beauty comes from the kingdom, it is a cold place.

Serhon – Ser-hon

Unique Attribute: Thieves and Assassins

Royal Family: King Roskelem, Queen Sidra, Princess Atheta, Prince Haskel, Princess Gremina

Allies: Shaky alliances with all the kingdoms

Economic Value: Wheat, grain, and wood, but also mercenaries

Standing Army: A small army of knights protect the royal family, but there is an unofficial army of thieves and assassins

View on Magic: If a magic user does not comply to the king’s commands, they are cast out of the kingdom

Family Life: While nobles have greater advantages, anyone with magic (regardless of their rank) immediately gains the attention of the king.

Outsiders’ View: It is a dubious kingdom –not one to be trusted

Talhon – Tal-hon

Unique Attribute: Peace and neutrality

Royal Family: King Damaen Falkin, Prince Kinnard, Princess Inecha

Allies: Neutral

Economic Value: Craftsmanship, wood, stone, fur, wild game

Standing Army: Unknown

View on Magic: Acceptable toward magic but prefers to be left alone.

Family Life: Little is known about family life in Talhon

Outsiders’ View: It is the place of mystery

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