The Chronicles of Lorrek: Lexicon

Timeline of the Books

Books by Chronological Order

Book 5

Book 6

Book 4

Book 1

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1,000 years before Book 1

500 years before Book 1

20 years before Book 1

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Character Compendium

With close to 100 characters in the Chronicles of Lorrek series so far and many more to come, it can be difficult to keep up with who's who, who is related to whom, who comes from where, and where you met the characters originally. The following organizes the characters alphabetically, by kingdom, and by family and also includes information about the characters not mentioned in the books.

Continent of Attilath

Books 1-3

While there are many more kingdoms on the world of Talgoth, the series primarily focuses on the six kingdoms on the continent of Attilath which include Nirrorm, Cuskelom, Jechorm, Athorim, Serhon, and Talhon. To learn more about each kingdom, follow the link below.

Book 4

Continent of Thadajan

Book 5

World of Orthamas

Book 6

More to Come!

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