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The Chronicles of Lorrek

the Chronicles of Lorrek
Short Story Collection

124 Short stories and deleted scenes from the epic fantasy and sci-fi series, The Chronicles of Lorrek. See how side characters reacted to major events, or what happened to them after the events of the books. Enjoy a deeper look into the lore and history of the series. The Chronicles of Lorrek may be finished, but it is far from over.

Get it now and continue the experience in Lorrek's universe:


Box Set 3 of the Chronicles of Lorrek - Books 7-9

Stay a step ahead and out of sight—that's how you survive.

Sorcerer Prince Lorrek is done running. He wants to disappear entirely to protect those back home, but the more he sets in motion, the more chaos he creates
'Find Me If You Can'– Lorrek seeks the only person who can erase him from the Thymord's supercomputer. He's racing the clock as the man he is looking for is scheduled to be put to death.

You're Not Alone – Terrorist attacks on multiple worlds have captured Lorrek's attention. As he digs deeper, he has no idea the true terror he is about to unleash.

This Ends Now'– Everything and everyone returns home—to a world invaded. Now Lorrek must face the horror he has brought to his homeworld and the darkness everyone believes he will become.

For those who seek thrilling, suspensful tales packed wtih magic, intrigue, and emotion, the spectacular conclusion to The Chronicles of Lorrek awaits.

Buy it now and see how the series comes to an end.


Sometimes, to move forward, you must first go back.

★★★★★ - "Blanchard continues to weave her world together in a way that gives breath to the characters, depth to their actions, and a sense of realism to their situation and society."

Sorcerer Prince Lorrek is pursued by a powerful but mysterious organization. To learn how to defeat them, he must go into the magic realm and view the events of the past.

Do You Trust Me? – Lorrek is plagued by nightmares of a part of his life he had forgotten. When he discovers all of magic is threatened, he must make a difficult choice.

You Left Me No Choice – Lorrek dives into the distant past, seeking the origins of the Thymord Order. He witnesses two powerful races, including humankind, brought to near extinction. In the wake, the Thymord Order begins to rise.

They Must Be Stopped – Now viewing events five hundred years in the past, Lorrek seeks to decipher what happened magical World Orbs. Helplessly, he witnesses the destruction of worlds as the Thymond Order becomes increasingly more corrupt. How can he stop them?

These books are the next three in the fantasy/scifi series, The Chronicles of Lorrek. If you like assassins, dragons, exploring new worlds, meeting fascinating new characters, and trying to unravel mysteries, you will love Kelly Blanchard's spellbinding series!

Buy it now and discover the secrets the past holds.


Box Set 2 of the Chronicles of Lorrek - Books 4-6


Box Set 1 of the Chronicles of Lorrek - Books 1-3

Gripping. Emotional. Heart-wrenching. It's difficult to fight the darkness when it exists inside you.

Sorcerer Lorrek walks a thin line between helping those he loves and being consumed by darkness. Sometimes the line blurs altogether.

Includes the first three books in the Chronicles of Lorrek series:

Someday I'll Be Redeemed – Prince Lorrek is determined to clear his name at any cost. The darkness buried inside him is nothing compared to the darkness he must face.

I Still Have a Soul – Forced to act as a tool for another, Lorrek is commanded to kill someone close to him. War erupts, throwing the realm into chaos.

I'm Still Alive – Lorrek uncovers secrets tracing back a millennium – but whom can he trust? Which side do you choose when both sides are blurred by darkness?

Chronicles of Lorrek is perfect for readers seeking emotional fantasy, intriguing characters, and a new take on familiar tropes.

Download and get swept away as Lorrek toes the line between good and evil, teetering on the edge of darkness.

Book 1 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'Someday I'll Be Redeemed'

Would you sell your soul to clear your name?

Wrongfully accused of a heinous crime, Prince Lorrek is among three people who know actually what happened. One died. The memory of the other has been erased.

The surrounding kingdoms dissolve into war, but the sorcerer Lorrek remains apart, determined to clear his name. Even that comes at a price, for his own redemption might destroy his family.

Someday I'll Be Redeemed launches a fantasy/sci-fi series where magic and technology contend against one another, mysteries abound, and difficult choices must be made. If you enjoy compelling characters, unpredictable plots, and new twists of familiar tropes, you will love Kelly Blanchard's page-turning series.

Download now. A gripping adventure awaits.


Book 2 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'I Still Have a Soul'

What if humanity was a classification given to some but not others?

Vixen, a former assassin, becomes entangled in an elaborate game of war, broadcasted to the masses as entertainment. While fighting for the freedom of the Guardians, soldiers classified as non-human, she is hunted by a Guardian she considered a friend—Prince Lorrek.

With an order to kill Vixen, the sorcerer Lorrek enters a battle pitting magic and medieval weapons against highly advanced technology. If only he realized what Vixen meant to him.

Will Lorrek remember before it is too late?

Will the Guardians ever be considered human?

I Still Have a Soul is the second book in a fantasy/Sci-Fi series that will have you shouting at the characters and wanting to throw the book at the wall.

Download and discover the devastating consequence of choices.


Book 3 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'I'm Still Alive'

Some secrets have the potential to destroy the world.

Princess Mordora flees for her life, desperate to evade her pursuers. An alluring voice calls to her - promising her power unequaled.

A year after the Battle of Cuskelom, Lorrek returns home to find Mordora in the thralls of an ancient artifact. To free her and prevent the destruction of the world, Lorrek must seek the help of a woman he previously tried to kill.
Lorrek uncovers a conspiracy long hidden, revealing that the troubles surrounding him were arranged long ago. He must choose between two evils, but the one he passes might destroy the world.

I'm Still Alive is the third book in a gripping science fantasy series laced with unforeseen twists and fresh perspectives on familiar tropes.

Dive in and explore Lorrek's latest adventure today!


Book 4 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'Do You Trust Me?'

If you had to choose between saving the woman that you love and saving the entire magic realm, which would you choose?


After his encounter with the Anicocina, nightmares plague Lorrek. He soon realizes they aren't merely nightmares but rather memories of a specific woman whose existence had been erased from his memory. To learn why she had been erased and what happened, Lorrek goes into the magic realm to view events of his own past. He discovers that the woman was his first true love and that she was involved in an assassination plot—the result of which had a disturbing ripple effect on Lorrek's own life. When she is suddenly wiped from existence, Lorrek learns that she is still alive but stuck in the magic realm, hounded by a virus which has the potential to destroy all magic.


To save her, he must travel further into the past to unlock secrets of the magic realm to find a way to destroy the virus, but what if she's the only way to destroy the virus?


'Do You Trust Me?' is a fourth book in the captivating fantasy and science fiction series, Chronicles of Lorrek. If you like a different take on time travel, assassination plots, much magical lore, and seeing the younger versions of the characters, you will want to pick up the fourth book in Kelly Blanchard's fascinating series.


Buy 'Do You Trust Me?' today and see where this journey takes Lorrek.


Book 5 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

You Left Me No Choice

Fighting an ancient prophecy can lead to disaster.

Lorrek delves into the past, going back a thousand years to find the origin of the Thymord Order, seeking a weakness. He discovers a world ravaged by war with humanity on the brink of extinction—all due to a single person.

Promised as a bride to the king of the immortal kelliphs, Therina has other plans. While her betrothed hunts her down, destroying any kingdom standing in his way, Therina gathers humans, mages, and dragons together to forge a weapon of power, capable of killing the unkillable.

Even if the forging of this weapon destroys her, at least she would have proven the Dragon Prophecy wrong and given the humans a chance for survival.

You Left Me No Choice is the fifth book in a fantasy saga featuring shape-shifting dragons, ageless immortals, and kick-ass female characters.

Grab a copy and learn why attempting to change fate has long-reaching ramifications.


Book 6 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'They Must Be Stopped'

Sometimes your best intentions can lead to a world being obliterated.

Five hundred years in the past, Lorrek seeks final clues as to how to defeat the Thymord Order.

Rilolean Warthon quit the Order after his brother died on a mission. Suspecting the Order knows more than they admit, he conducts a secret investigation against them.

To his surprise, the Order assigns him one last mission: return to his homeworld and rescue a former teammate trapped in a land from which no human has ever returned.

Does Rilolean help the organization behind his brother's death, or does he let his friend die in the world Rilolean had hoped to one day save?

They Must Be Stopped is the sixth book in the intriguing fantasy and science fiction series filled with mystery, compelling characters, and advanced societies in conflict with medieval worlds.

Dive into 'They Must Be Stopped' and discover why it is impossible to save everyone.


Book 7 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'Find Me If You Can'

What if you were framed for murder and everyone was hunting you?

Kossrak created an omniscient machine for the Thymord Order. In return, they double-crossed him, seeking to eliminate him. He must survive the Day of Cleansing while being hunted by a vindictive assassin and a powerful sorcerer.

Vixen searches for Lorrek, desperate to find him before the Thymord Order does. She needs Kossrak's machine to do so.

Lorrek wishes Kossrak to erase him from the system so the Thymord Order cannot track him.

Who will find who first? Can Kossrak survive either encounter?

Find Me If You Can is the seventh book in a riveting science fiction and fantasy series filled with near-misses, steampunk worlds, and cranky assassins.

Get 'Find Me If You Can' today and see how the story unfolds!


Book 8 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'You're Not Alone'

What would you sacrifice to learn the truth and protect those you love?

Katerina seeks the mastermind behind a recent string of terrorist attacks. She is joined by Lorrek, Vixen, and a few rogue Thymord agents.

Lorrek attempts to not take charge for once, but when he discovers his extended family is involved, all bets are off. He will risk anything to protect his family, but will it cost him everything?

You're Not Alone is the eighth book in a spellbinding science fiction and fantasy series.

Buy today and see what all Lorrek stands to lose.


Book 9 of the Chronicles of Lorrek

'This Ends Now'


You are faced with the end of your world—an end you singlehandedly ushered in by the choices you made. What will you do?

When Vagodlith attacked Lorrek's family to send a message to Lorrek, he stoked the dragon's fire. By laying siege to Lorrek's homeworld, he taunts the beast.

Determined to protect his home, Lorrek enlists the aid of a forgotten black opts crew, a space pirate armada, and others to crush this siege. If they can break through through the blockade, they must find a means to kill a Deathless One—if that's even possible.

Lorrek knows his actions led to this end. He will do whatever it takes to settle his debts—even if it means embracing his own darkness.

This Ends Now' is the final book in the Chronicles of Lorrek, an addicting, emotional saga melding dark fantasy and science fiction.

Download today and discover how the Chronicles of Lorrek finally ends

To learn more about the world of the series, the characters, the kingdoms, and other inside information, be sure to visit the LEXICON.

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