• Kelly Blanchard

The Last Rain Seeds

After one of their own had broken their sacred oath of secrecy where they were to reveal to no man how rain truly came to be, the Kalban clan realized they had to take extreme measures.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea,” Jonatia told her brother, Vorkalex, as they rode on their wagon north, heading for the land of Anicoce. She looked back at the cargo they carried, hidden beneath a tarp, and she pressed her lips into a thin line, looking ahead to the road once more. “We shouldn’t be taking all the rain seeds to Anicoce”

“They’re the only ones with no motive to use the rain seeds and make it rain. Since no one ever ventures into Anicoce, the rain seeds will be protected. It’s the only way to keep the seeds out of the hands of the different councils and governments.” When Vorkalex said this, both of them fell silent, lost in their own thoughts.

It had been their younger brother, Lacon, who had gone to Nilmandra and revealed to the world that rain on their planet was not a something that occurred merely by chance or by nature’s decree. He showed them a small, blue, translucent, seed. They had laughed at him, but when he buried the seed and a storm came, they no longer mocked him. Instead, they clambered about, desiring to have a seed for themselves. Lacon agreed to give them a seed, but it would cost them.

He had nearly secured an unspeakable fortune, but the elders of the Kalban clan knew when storms should come and where they should rain. This was an ancient decree, gifted to them ages ago. They were the only ones who had the authority to plant rain seeds to make it rain. This kept all the different lands well-watered and maintained peace among men.

Now Lacon had introduced source of power, and they wanted it.

It had taken some time for the elders to unravel this mess, but they managed to secure every rain seed until none were out in the open. This had caused quite an uproar among the people, who claimed they had the right to make it rain if they needed it to, and they demanded the seeds be returned to them. The elders had stalled them as long as they could, and they were executed for this. The public immediately sought out other members of the Kalban clan and hunted each one of them down, desperate to get their hands on even a single rain seed.

Jonatia and Vorkalex’s parents packed up all the rain seeds that had not been destroyed and placed them in the wagon, covering it, and they told their adult children to go to Anicoce to meet Zethar at the border because he had a plan that involved the Anicocinas. Jonatia had wanted to argue, but Vorkalex took the lead. He told his sister to get on the wagon, and he drove them out of their home territory.

Silence had consumed most of the ride, and Jonatia stared at the churning clouds overhead. As thick as those clouds might become, they would never burst with rain unless a rain seed was planted, and all the numerous of rain seeds in existence was in the back of the wagon.

Jonatia looked at the covered baskets. “This will bring an unimaginable drought upon this world, you know.”

“I know.” Vorkalex nodded but said nothing more.

The two of them fell into silence once more. They knew they wouldn’t be able to return home. The Nilmandra enforcers were on their way to break down the doors of their house and demand they surrender the rain seeds. Every member of the Kalban clan swore to take that secret with them to the grave, and Jonatia knew there would likely be no one left at home if they returned. They won’t supposed to go home. Their parents charged them to leave, get the rain seeds to Anicoce, and then disappear. Jonatia had no idea what would happen. For thousands of years their family had been responsible for the rain on this world. Never once had they failed this. Never once had they not had possession of the rain seeds. They had no idea what exactly the consequences would be, but it was their hope that all of mankind would see the importance of the Kalban’s occupation and leave them to it.

Only time would tell.

For now, the two members of the Kalban clan rode further and further away from the land they once called home, and they went toward the one land on their planet where no Kalban ever planted rain because no human dared to venture into the desert land.

This was their only hope.

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