J.R. O'Bryant on March 26, 2016

Let me begin this review by saying that while some elements of this are similar to others you may have read, this book is literally a one of a kind adventure for the avid reader. The author blends worlds of magic with that of greatly advanced scientific technology, and yet these worlds blend without colliding. It is a very well put together and thought out world and universe.

I was greatly pleased by the diversity of characters and the grace with each was given life. Each character is utterly unique in the most wonderful of ways. When I felt that I had finally figured out each main character’s motives, I was taught a lesson in humility and simply had to keep reading to see where I had guessed wrong.

Though the story is seen from multiple character points of view it flows without catching one off guard or causing the reader to stop and reorient themselves with the new mind set. The story flows from one person to the next as they each tell their individual piece of the tale being told. Yet without the input of these characters the story could not be properly told.

I would recommend this book to fantasy and sci-fi lovers alike. There is something for everyone in this book. Each chapter is a new puzzle piece. Each page a new adventure. And even when the last page has been read and you think you have come to the end, there is so much more you wish to know. I thoroughly look forward to next book in the Chronicles of Lorrek, and so should you.


LeslieLuvzBooks on April 8, 2016


It's a rare author who can seamlessly blend fantasy and science fiction in a way that doesn't seem awkward, but they belong with one another.

In the fantasy world of this novel, there is magic, yes, but there is also modern/cyberpunk technology in existence, and an opportunity for both to mesh.

Kelly Blanchard populates this unique world with absolutely marvelous living, breathing characters. The plot is driving, the dialogue is strong—the actual climax came at an odd place, since the story jumps a bit to flashbacks just before the end and even within the narrative, there are memories arising... But it was all handled well.

The main thrust of the plot remains consistent: what does one do when all the world assumes that one is a villain, hence the true villains move unnoticed? Time and again, Lorrek is challenged to prove his innocence, while at the same time, remain out of reach from those who want to control him, in order to stop the plans of those who would work dastardly deeds.

It's an exciting book that had my imagination firing on all cylinders the whole time! The characters all had heart, and made you care for them. I loved the way she handled the concept of magic in this world of hers. It was beautiful, funny, thrilling, and definitely an adventure not to be missed!

Rachel Lemons on June 27, 2016

I got a copy of this book directly from the author via her author page on Facebook. I am a huge fan of the fantasy and sci-fi genres, and have read many books that were one of those genres or the other, and this book blended them together better than I could have possibly imagined. The main character, Lorrek, is very sassy and made me laugh on quite a few occasions. His story is quite intriguing, and was revealed piece by piece in such a way that the reader is kept in suspense and wondering what in the world happened in the past; and when the past is finally revealed, the characters come beautifully and believably to life. I genuinely came to care about them. The settings were also quite unique, and details of each land made them very distinct from one another. The author knows how to tell a good story, and this book showcases that skill brilliantly. The only complaint I have is that the beginning was slow, and not as engaging as the rest of the book. Overall, this is a good read and I would recommend it to others.

Jessica on June 11, 2016

If I had to put a number to it, I would say SDIBR is easily within my top 5 favorite books. It’s a wonderful tale of medieval adventure that somehow finds a fantastic balance with magic, lore, and advance technology. When I first heard this book had all those things I was surprised. Not many books can pull that off so I instantly bought myself a copy, and I am so very glad I did!

While the story centralizes around Lorrek and his doings, you get a peek into the lives of his brothers and some friends thanks to the third person point of view. This narrative style gives the story great momentum and lets you see how everyone is handling the mystery you come to in the very beginning: What happened to Lorrek those ten years ago? A great portion of the characters believe him dead, thanks to his heroic deeds and saving his beloved kingdom. Most that is except one very stubborn brother.

The author did an amazing job of creating a realistically diverse world filled with unlimited potential. The world is comprised of normal kingdoms, like you’d expect, that love the arts and dance, while others made magic and mystic travel a priority. Meanwhile there are those who have shunned and banished magic from their lands causing a turmoil for those born with the gift. To add to the fun there are even more varied kingdoms who took a completely different route and decided to devote their times to finding how the world works through science. Magic and science intertwining can only end well right?

Blanchard took just the right amount of time to give every character more than just a name, but a backstory, personality, and life. There are no cardboard cutouts in this book, and the reader is able to see how everyone has grown over time, while getting just a taste of this wonderful world. Needless to say I am very impatiently awaiting the next book.

If you are at all into sci-fi or fantasy novels this is a must read.

MINOR SPOILERS from here on. Lorrek emerges back into the world ten years after having disappeared. While this startles the first group he reunites with, they accept him into their kingdom under the rule that Lorrek reframes from using his magic. Ah yes, a magic user in a kingdom that has shunned it! What a perfect way for things to start. While this is going on you get to jump back into his family and see where the Lorrek’s once home, and family’s kingdom is at.

The reader quickly learns that a middle brother is now the king while the eldest is on a journey to find Lorrek, certain even after ten years that he is not dead, just lost in the realm a magic, looking for a way back home. The eldest brother is accompanied by the deadliest assassin in the realm, and if I had to pick a favorite aside from Lorrek and his smirks it would easily be Vixen and her vest of blades. While at first she seems to be a secondary character, she is anything but. The story quickly picks up and Lorrek finds himself right back in trouble, seeing where the world has gone in his absence, and ends up facing one of his last decisions before vanishing. The reader by the end finally knows why he has disappeared, and is left hoping right along with Lorrek that someday, after all this mess, he will be redeemed.

Rose on October 10, 2016

I went into ‘Someday I’ll Be Redeemed’ with the vaguest knowledge that there would be fantasy and science fiction. I was a little wary, I’ve read and watched things with a mix-match and hadn’t been impressed. My standards have since skyrocketed. Kelly Blanchard managed to do what not much else has accomplished: she’s taken fantasy and science fiction and put them together and she’s done it uniquely.

The pace of this book was fast. From the second Lorrek sets foot onto Nirrorm’s icy ground, to the end, where he is within King Roskelem’s clutches in Serhon. Usually I’m not one for flashbacks, but the ones in SIBR are tasteful and really flesh out the things hinted about throughout the rest of the story.

In the beginning you are left asking many questions, and you get answers—but not to everything. Many things are still swathed in secrecy and half-truths. As this is only the beginning of a series, I’m content with that.

Kelly has also managed to make an amazing cast of real, likable, hatable, breathing characters that might as well jump off the page. From Lorrek, to Theran, to Heldon, and Honroth. Even Atheta, who you only hear about at first and meet much later, is a real character who you empathize with and get attached to. (By far, she was my favorite.)

If you’re looking for a fantasy or a scifi book, I recommend ‘Someday I’ll Be Redeemed’. It has the best of both worlds.

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