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Serafia Cross


Before writing and publishing her fantasy and science fiction series, Kelly Blanchard wrote and published the historical fiction series, The Last King of Legends, back in 2011. Since this was her first series to be published and she wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to continue writing historical fiction after this series, Kelly chose to publish under the pen name, Serafia Cross. Those names came from her mother's side of the family. 

The first three books were published by a vanity press, and Kelly had a difficult time with the publisher. In 2016, she decided to terminate her contract with them and get the rights back to the books. March 2016, she self-published the first book of the Chronicles of Lorrek series and focused on her fantasy/science fiction series. Her historical fiction books took a backseat. She wasn't sure if she'd ever republish them or finally release the last book of the series. 

Over the years, fans of the series contacted her, asking if she would ever publish the final book. She said she would but never had a specific date in mind. She just hoped to do it one day.

Finally, 2022 came around, and Kelly found herself unable to focus on her fantasy/science fiction universe just because of how hard Real Life hit her the last several years. She decided to focus on something that she had some distance to, which was her historical fiction series. She had grown as a writer, and the series deserved to be rereleased, and the final book deserved to be published finally.

So, she focused all her energy into that series, revising some parts, smoothing out other parts, and making a few necessary changes. 

Now, the series will officially be released 2023. Since it was originally published under the name Serafia Cross, it will remain under that name. It is entirely different from Kelly's fantasy/science fiction series, so it is fitting to have it under a different name. 

Kelly does not plan to write any other historical fiction books once 'The Last King of Legends' is completely released.


There will be a book of poetry that focuses on the story. This was the first book she actually wrote about King Baldwin IV before she wrote the full series. The poems helped her get into the minds of the characters. 

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