About Kelly Blanchard

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As an Author

Stories have always been a part of Kelly's life. As a child, before she knew how to properly write, she used to draw stick figures to show stories, but once she learned how to use quotation marks and proper paragraph structure, she began writing stories and hasn't stopped yet.


At age twelve, Kelly began honing specific elements of writing until she had a good handle on each element. She started with description because that was always difficult to master, but then she began flexing her writing muscles creating realistic, flawed, but lovable characters, and she went on to worldbuilding and so forth. During this time, she read a lot of fan fiction and studied why she enjoyed the stories she read. She took what she learned and applied it to her own writing. 


Though she studied writing in university, she didn't learn much until she dropped out and started seriously networking with fellow writers online. 

While Kelly has written and published historical fiction, her favorite genres to write are fantasy and science fiction. She often mixes the two because she likes to see how magic would fare with or against advanced technology. All her stories are connected in one way or another, and sometimes characters will hop from one story to a completely different story. Her readers may enjoy reading all her different works and discovering how the stories are all interconnected.


She writes a mix of fantasy/science fiction in a story that follows Prince Lorrek's story on his quest for personal redemption. It's difficult when no one believes him and everyone else thinks he's dead. You can find more about the story here: The Chronicles of Lorrek.


Kelly also enjoys co-writing with fellow writers. Though none of these works are published yet, you can look forward to reading some in the near future. She co-writes with her husband, Matthew Dale, a fantasy series which actually tie into her current series.

Unfortunately though,  all of Kelly Blanchard's co-written work are not yet published although she has hopes to publish it one day. In the meanwhile, she continues to write and publish her own solo work and contributes to the writing community.

Kelly Blanchard's Contribution to the Writing Community

Online, Kelly Blanchard has a presence known as the Muse. As such, she manages an active Facebook writers' group on which she offers unique opportunities for writers, much encouragement, shares beautiful pictures she finds online, and these serve to inspire stories, setting locations, and even characters. It is a safe and supportive community for writers.


She also runs the Mentoring Muse and mentors writers in the craft of writing. Using the questions she encounters in the mentoring sessions, she writes posts for her blog on writing who help others who may have similar questions.


In addition to all this, on her Meeting with the Muse blog, Kelly promotes fellow writers through a unique form of roleplay interviews, interviewing both the author and a character from their story. This allows potential readers to get a taste of the author's writing style.


Many writers have found Kelly's character interviews beneficial to their own writing and seek her help as a character therapist for troublesome characters or even characters the authors thought they knew inside and out.

In Kelly's newsletter, she shares a new short story every week. Each story belongs in the universe of her books and sometimes occur before, during, or after the events of different books. Be sure to subscribe! 

If you wish to be a part of her Advanced Readers Team, be sure to send her a message! 

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