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Now Available
Published as Serafia Cross.

A Historical Fiction series
written by Kelly Blanchard
under the name Serafia Cross.


The Last King of Legends
Book 4
The King's Last Deeds

Jerusalem 1180

Leprosy continues to darken Baldwin's world.

Sensing the end is near, King Baldwin IV is desperate to find a suitable heir, someone who would fearlessly defend the kingdom against the enemy. If he dies before a successor is named, it would destroy the kingdom.

However, when those he tries to trust prove unworthy, Baldwin must find the strength to face the enemy once more although he must be carried onto the battlefield.

He is determined to protect Jerusalem at all costs.

Book 3
The Sovereign Gambit

Jerusalem 1178

The enemy is silent but lurking


After the Battle of Montgisard, the Leper King hears nothing from Saladin. To prompt the sultan to make a move, Baldwin decides to make a gambit and lead a simple raid.

These actions unleash a torrent of events that no one is prepared for, requiring further sacrifices of King Baldwin IV, whose body continues to be consumed by leprosy.

Book 2
In the Face of Trials


Jerusalem 1177

An unexpected death leaves sixteen-year-old King Baldwin IV uncertain about the future.

When a foreign count comes to the Holy Land and persuades most moments of the court to join him on his own crusade, Baldwin finds himself alone with the enemy at the gates.

With his forces greatly depleted, Baldwin is determined to protect Jerusalem at all costs. The leprosy and ruling Jerusalem has taken so much from him, but even then, he doesn’t realize the sacrifices he will have to make to ensure the kingdom does not fall into the enemy’s hand.


Set to inherit a kingdom at war, Baldwin does everything in his power to prepare to become king. With his illness limiting his abilities, he must learn alternative ways to use a sword and ride a horse.

Most importantly, he must keep his terrible disease a secret from the High Court. After all, how can an Unclean One rule the Holy City of Jerusalem?

‘The Kingmakers’ is a captivating take of the true story of King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem during the Crusades. It is the first book in the historical fiction series, The Last King of Legends. 

Jerusalem 1170

At age nine, Prince Baldwin is handed a death sentence—leprosy. 

Book 1
The Kingmakers

the Hand of Sorrow Omnibus
Books 1-5

A princess returns to claim her birthright from the hands of a tyrant, but working alongside the tyrant is the man she once loved.


When her father and brother were assassinated, Princess Ensula was sent away while her mother seized the throne, determined to root out the assassins and make Ceraleo a safer place for her daughter. However, ten years had passed, and Ensula heard nothing but rumors of how her mother reigned with an iron fist. So she set out to Ceraleo to see if the rumors were true and to remove her mother from power if necessary, but of course, she must skillfully play the game of politics so as not to reveal her hand too soon.


Adrik serves Ceraleo as Lord Inquisitor of Queen Risema. Once, a lifetime ago, he had loved Ensula and they spoke of getting married, but everything changed with the assassinations of the king and prince. Only he remained at Queen Risema’s side, obeying every command without hesitation, no matter how dark the deed, but his loyalty came at a terrible price. 


Will Ensula find an ally in Adrik, or is it too late for him now?


This Omnibus contains the five books of the fantasy, political thriller series, The Hand of Sorrow. If you enjoy a good book with magic and characters who have their own hidden agendas, you will love this slow-burn, captivating series by Kelly Blanchard and Matthew Dale.


Buy the box set now, get all five books, and enjoy this fantastic series!

The Hand of Sorrow
Book 1
The Crown's Secret

Where secrets abound, trust is not an option—neither is failure.


Princess Ensula of Ceraleo lost everything the day her father and brother were assassinated, and she was sent to a faraway land for her own safety. From a distance over the next decade, she heard how her mother rules with an iron fist, so now Ensula decides to return, knowing she is stepping into the middle of a battlefield.


Adrik's world crumbled on the day of the assassinations. He lost friends he considered to be family that day, and the woman that he loved left without saying goodbye. He remained loyal to the queen, and at the first opportunity to gain power to prevent such loss from occurring again, Adrik seized it, becoming Lord Inquisitor.


Upon Ensula's return, Adrik will do anything to protect her, but he realizes the one person he will have to protect her from the most is himself. As Ensula comes face-to-face with her past once more, she knows one thing: she can trust no one.


'The Crown’s Secret' is the first book in the Hand of Sorrow, a fantasy series imbued with political intrigue, betrayal, and mystery. If you are fond of magic, questioning characters' motives, and a quick-paced story with a hint of romance, you'll want to check out Kelly Blanchard's new series that she co-wrote with Matthew Dale.


Buy it now and see how Ensula's journey begins!


The Last King of Legends is entirely different from the Hand of Sorrow and the Chronicles of Lorrek. It is based in the real world between the Second and Third Crusades and focuses on the real historical figure, King Baldwin IV. This will be the only historical fiction series Kelly (as Serafia) publishes as she is more interested in fantasy/sci-fi. She is republishing this series as a service to her devoted fans of the series and will finally release the final book.


The Hand of Sorrow and The Chronicles of Lorrek take place in Kelly Blanchard's fantasy/science-fiction universe. Either series can be read first. More books are planned in this universe.

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