Hand of Sorrow Glossary

Adrik (A-drik) – Lord Inquisitor of Ceraleo

Allocators — the overseers of the Five Houses of Assassins

Amarie (Ahm-ari) — a girl from the Garden Treasure. She was supposed to accompany Dorian to Athorim

Andre (Ahnd-rey)– late prince of Ceraleo, Ensula’s older brother

Anelm (uh-nelm) – Princess of Athorim

Anicocinas — mysterious magical creatures

Caldan (cal-dan) – leader of the Mage Rebellion, from Clan Wyrrmwrite

Causalina (Caw-suh-lean-uh)– the Crephen of Knowledge and Ignorance

Ceraleo (Ser-uh-leo)– Ensula’s homeland

Claira (Clay-ara) — a girl from the Garden Treasure. She was supposed to accompany Dorian to Athorim.

Clan Erator (Err-a-tor) – artists/storytellers

Clan Nightale (Nigh-tale) -- healers

Clan Silverlight – fire mages

Clan Tartoran (Tar-to-ran)– necromancers

Clan Verdis (Ver-dis) – lightning mages

Clan Wyrrmwrite (Worm-write) – ice mages

Clan Yridas (Ridas) – enchanting

Clean Tecitus (Tes-it-us)– builders

Creiph (Creife)– member of Clan Tartoran

Cuskelom (Cus-Kel-om)– land south of Ceraleo, across the sea

Danroth — the Arch Prelate of the Fane of Tenillith

Darenth (Dar-enth) – northern county of Ceraleo

Darmilean (Dar-Mil-Een)— chief of Clan Nightale, uncle to Jodilmand, Adrik’s grandfather

Dorian (Door-I-An)– Adrik and Tyren’s son

Dran — Siphoner Adrik trusted. He had been mistreated by his instructor in the academy, was assigned to Adrik as punishment, but it worked out for the best.

Elmrana (Elm-Rana)— Duchess of Torristor

Ensula (In-sue-la)– Princess of Ceraleo

Erionel (Eri-Onel) — High Siphoner that Tiachyus sent to kill any mages in the city

Fanlere (Fan-leer)– spymaster

Five Houses – renowned group of assassins

Galenece (Gal-in-see) – mage who tried to broker peace with Risema and the mages

Garden Treasure – Adrik’s brothel

Garthren (Garth-ren) – King of Cuskelom, Sindric’s father

Ghardel – (Guard-del)Prelate of the Fane

Harmedan (Harm-e-dan) – the mage Recalina beat up in the tavern

Hiram — Siphoner trusted by Adrik. He was one of Tiachyus’ personal security detail until they had a clash. Hates Tiachyus.

House Rodden (Rod-den) – the strongest of the Five Houses

Ildurn (Ill-dern)– the madam of the brothel

Jolimand (Jol-I-Mand)— the Unrestrained Mage who exploded in the city

Joth (Yoth) – young servant at the Willow Manor

Kelliphs — ancient magical race with transmutation abilities

Kesh — Siphoner trusted by Adrik. He killed a Siphoner who had raped a woman and was almost executed, but Adrik saved his life.

Larith (Lar-ith)– Constable of Ceraleo

Leratan (Ler-a-tan) – southern county of Ceraleo

Lord Cresswolt (Cress-wolt)– the drunk man that Adrik killed in the brothel

Lyrillind (Leer-il-lind) – Queen of Athorim, Anelm’s sister-in-law

Mira — blind Siphoner that Adrik trusts. Became blind due to a wagon accident as a child.

Oshea (Oh-Shay) – Vardis’ distant cousin

Radra (Rad-ra)– Baron of County Tairisa

Recalina (Reck-uh-lina)– High Siphoner, former lover of Adrik

Rhariss (Ra-riss)– count of Darenth

Risema (Rise-ma) – Queen of Ceraleo, Ensula’s mother

Rylah (Rye-lah)– Assassin of House Rodden, Sirros’ younger sister

Sera (Se-ra) – one of Adrik’s informants in the brothel. She was supposed to accompany Dorian to Athorim.

Shoreal (Sho-Real)— mage of Clan Erato

Shorollin (Sho-Rol-Lin) — High Siphoner Tiachyus sent into the palace to capture the queen

Silent Bell — the tavern Adrik and Rylah went to

Sindric (Sen-dric)– Prince of Cuskelom

Sirros (Sir-ros)– Assassin of House Rodden, Rylah’s older brother

Syra — Danroth’s servant who gave Ensula the dress

Tairisa (Tai-risa) – western county of Ceraleo

Taldaris (Tal-dare-is)– mage Anelm sent to Ceraleo to act as Ensula’s mentor in magic

Telania (Tel-an-ia) – Galenece’s wife

Telhelm (Tel-helm)– old servant at the Willow Manor

Tenillith (Ten-ill-lith) – Crephen of Life and Death

Terilon (Ter-il-on)– late king of Ceraleo, Ensula’s father

Thadin (Thay-Din)— High Siphoner that Tiachyus sent to destroy the Garden Treasure

Tiachyus (Tie-ah-chus) – High Prelate of the Fane in Ceraleo

Todtan (tod-tan) – mage mob boss

Torristor (Torristor)– southeastern county of Ceraleo

Tyren (Tie-ren)– Adrik’s former lover, mother of Dorian

Vardis (Var-dis)– Adrik’s half-brother, head of Clan Tartoran

Velerdan (Vel-er-dan)– Royal Falcon Master in Ceraleo

Willow Manor – summer home for the Ceralian royal family

Yldenia (Le-Den-Ia) — new chief of Clan Nightale after DArmilean’s death