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About the co-Authors

Kelly Blanchard
Matthew Dale


Kelly Blanchard and Matthew Dale met in a Facebook writing group in May of 2015. Kelly was in the middle of writing and publishing her series, The Chronicles of Lorrek. The two hit it off quite well, and Matthew became Kelly’s brainstorming buddy.

In 2017, the two married, and Kelly continued writing and publishing her books.

Finally, she finished the last book of the Chronicles of Lorrek in December 2018, and immediately Matthew and Kelly began co-writing the Hand of Sorrow series. They had attempted this numerous times while Kelly was working on the Chronicles of Lorrek, but she was unable to divide her focus.

Co-writing together was a thrilling experience! They managed to write the full five-book series in less than a year. And now, they finally have the chance to publish it.

This is the first of several series, all based in the Lorrek universe, that Kelly and Matthew have written.

Fun fact: Kelly always tries to kill characters while Matthew is always looking to save them. There is one character who surprisingly survived the whole series despite Kelly’s various attempts to have the character die. That is only due to Matthew’s persistence that the character was useful. One of the joys of having a co-writer! It’s fun though.

If you want to follow Kelly or Matthew on social and interact with them, you can find them in their Facebook groups.

Kelly's Facebook Group

Matthew's Facebook Group

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