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Writing is hard, and it can be discouraging when people read your work and all they say is, "It's good." It's also frustrating when you send your book out, in hopes of it being accepted by a publisher, but it gets rejected over and over again. You can hire editors to look it over, and they still may not give you feedback that actually resonates with you. 

Author and Writing Coach Kelly Blanchard understands this and has made it her goal to empower fellow writers by giving them good, solid feedback in a unique manner. 

Using Zoom, Kelly connects with you on a video call and shares her screen, so you can see your piece of writing that you sent her. Then she walks through it with you right there, asking questions about your approach and the main intent of the scene. Then she offers honest, organic feedback that is tailored to you and your book.

With your permission, she will record the Zoom meeting in order to send you the video afterwards. This way you will be able to rewatch it whenever you want and get a reminder of exactly what she said about certain areas of your writing and possible approaches you can take.

SESSION: 30 minutes 

PRICE: $75

Want a session but can't do it on a weekday? Contact Kelly because she may have an opening on Saturdays.


When it comes to manuscript critiques, the difference between good and exceptional lies in the ability to transform uncertainty into clarity, and that's precisely what Kelly Blanchard's live critique sessions offer. I have been working on polishing a novel for almost a decade, and my session was nothing short of revelatory. In a market saturated with editorial services, I've invested thousands of dollars in editors through Reedsy and Fiverr only to remain stuck and uninformed of how to tangibly repair my novel. For $75, the value Kelly provides isn't just in the price but in the precision, professionalism, and depth of her feedback.


For example, I’ve been navigating a first-person plural point of view in multiple sections of the novel. It's a perspective that is as challenging as it is rare, and it requires a deft hand to maintain coherence and connection with the reader. Kelly’s critique was a much-needed beacon here, illuminating the pathway to making this tricky POV work seamlessly within my narrative.


Furthermore, I’ve rewritten my first chapter easily hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Kelly’s advice was a masterclass in crafting a compelling introduction for my specific book. Her holistic approach to my writing style set her apart. Where other professionals provided piecemeal, watery suggestions, Kelly delivered comprehensive, actionable insights that resonated with the core of my writing and my intent as an author.


My session with Kelly was an investment in my work's potential, going beyond the superficial layers to the story's heart. I emerged from the session not just with a better manuscript, but as a better writer. For those considering her services, these sessions are an invaluable step in your writing journey.

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