Author Media Info | Author Kelly Blanchard

 Kelly Blanchard, the author of the Chronicles of Lorrek series, lives just outside a small Texas town, having grown up in the country all her life. Her husband and co-writer works as an EMT in a Level 1 Trauma center, and he is her go-to person when she has to maim or kill characters. Very resourceful! 

She has a Doberman and two cats that prefer to claim her place as their domain, and she doesn't argue because she loves them too much. 

Online, in the writing community, Kelly is known something as a 'muse'. This is because she often shares beautiful pictures she stumbles across on social media, and these pictures have a tendency to spark story ideas for other writers, or sometimes writers find themselves staring at characters they had only ever imagined in their head. It's always fun when that happens. 

Whenever there are questions in the writing community, Kelly does her best to answer them. If she doesn't know the answer but knows someone who does, she'll make the connections. All she wants is for the writing community to support one another, so she shows this support herself by encouraging writers--no matter where they are.