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Known as the Muse in the writing community, Kelly Blanchard was born in Texas but lives in Florida with her husband, who is often the one who tries to saves characters lives by convincing Kelly not to kill them. How successful he is--that's up for debate. 


Although stories have always been a major part of her life, Kelly only began writing seriously when she was twelve. She forced on honing her skills and finding her writing style. Later, she attended a community college, studying English. As she earned her degree, she worked as a tutor and a teaching assistant, learning teaching techniques along the way. These days, she uses those techniques as she mentors aspiring writers and encourages them along their way.


Kelly is a huge fantasy fan but also loves science fiction. She has created a massive universe with several series already written and many more planned to write--all in the same universe with familiar characters, and everything is connected. She enjoys the challenge of seeing what exactly happens when you pit medieval magic against high technology, and she seeks to fully explore the shades of gray in all her characters--good and bad. It's quite an adventure for sure.

To learn more about Kelly and her co-writer, Matthew Dale, CLICK HERE.

Kelly also publishes historical fiction as Serafia Cross. To learn more about her journey as a historical fiction writer, CLICK HERE.

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